December 4, 2023


Veterans who rely on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines to manage sleep-related breathing disorders, including sleep apnea, now have a new streamlined online ordering system for CPAP supplies.
VA has added the CPAP supply ordering feature as part of the online tool that’s already in place, same as how Veterans order hearing aid supplies on The addition improves how Veterans order, manage and efficiently receive health care supplies. It’s a notable improvement to the previous CPAP supply ordering process, which was by phone call or traditional mail order forms sent to VA’s Denver Logistics Center (DLC).


Last year, VA’s Logistics Center shipped nearly 5.5 million apnea care products, with the majority being supplies such as masks, tubing, filters and more. These are some of the items Veterans can now conveniently request directly online. Within one week of launch for the new online CPAP supplies ordering feature, 24.1 percent of CPAP supply orders were placed on, and we anticipate the number will grow to be twice as many daily orders as hearing aid supplies.


In the future, VA’s Office of Information and Technology will add more ordering supply types to the tool.

A seamless ordering experience


When Veterans sign in to their accounts for ordering, the platform allows for a more efficient ordering experience by prefilling certain order details based on the user’s account information. Veterans can even start an order, save it as a work in progress, and return later to complete it. This feature grants a generous 60-day window to finalize and submit orders, providing a flexible approach to ordering CPAP supplies.


How to place an order


To get started with a supply order, Veterans should have the following details ready:
  •       Shipping address
  •       Email address
  •       Information about your hearing aids
  •       Information about your CPAP machines


What to expect when ordering


The ordering process involves several key steps:
  •      Confirmation of personal information
  •      Confirmation or editing of shipping address and email address
  •      Selection of hearing aids requiring batteries
  •      Selection of necessary hearing aid accessories
  •      Selection of essential CPAP supplies
  •      A final review and submission of the order
Once a Veteran successfully submits an order, they’ll receive a confirmation message, which can be retained for records.


Track and receive your order


Within 1 to 2 days of order submission, Veterans will receive an email containing an order tracking number. This number allows for easy monitoring of the order’s status. Orders typically arrive within 7 to 10 business days.


Need assistance? Reach out!


Should any Veteran require assistance during the ordering process, please contact the Denver Logistics Center Customer Service Section at 303-273-6200, or email The dedicated customer service team is ready to provide guidance, support and information.