Call For Nominations

Nominations for Elected Officers

Eligible Fellow, Affiliate, and Lifetime Veterans Caucus members,
If you are interested in running for elected office in the Veterans Caucus, please prepare your platform statement and send it along with your official photo and CV/Resume to our Elections Committee Chair, Dallas Lipscomb no later than 2/15/2024.
Positions available are President-Elect (five-year posting), Secretary (four-year posting), and two Directors at Large, each two years postings. One Affiliate and one Fellow Board of Directors will be elected.
The Caucus’ Nominating Committee will evaluate the candidates based on objective core skills and competencies that we believe will best meet the needs of the Board of Directors and the Caucus. Following that evaluation process, the Nominating Committee will endorse either a single or multiple slate of candidates who will appear on the 2024 ballot for the Board and Officer elections.
The endorsement process entails a Nominating Committee’s review of each candidate’s entire application – which includes their platform statement and CV- and an interview with each candidate to fully evaluate their qualifications for the position. 
The candidate platform statements and electronic ballot will be sent to eligible voting members on 3/1/2024 with all ballots due by 3/31/2023 at midnight.
Please get in touch with Mark McKinnon for questions.
Thank you for your interest in service and continued support.
Mark F. McKinnon, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPA