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Scholarship Instructions

The 2016--2017 Veterans Caucus Scholarship Program is designed to help support eligible Physician Assistant students in their quest to complete PA training in one of the ARC-PA accreditated programs across the United States. Through the generous contributions of our many friends and sponsors, the Caucus is able to provide a portion of the funds needed in this intense educational process.

Eligibility Criteria:

AAPA Veteran Caucus Scholarships are intended for those veterans or active members of the Guard or Reserves of the Uniform Services. Some scholarships in the past have also been intended for sons, daughters, or spouses of a past or present veteran. These special scholarships are based on availability for that year. Please look under the Scholarships Available section. These scholarships are for those students that are at least a semester/quarter physically in a PA program. Please do not apply yet if you have been accepted but have not started the program.

1. Honorably discharged (served) veterans of any Uniformed Service of the United States or active member of the Guard or Reserve of any Uniformed Service of the United States that are enrolled in Physician Assistant Training at an accredited PA program in the USA may compete for scholarships that are offered for that year.

2. Sons, daughters, or spouces of any past or present honorably served veteran may apply to some scholarships if available that year - see Scholarship availability for that year. Applicants for these scholarship(s) must include an appropriate  scanned DD-214 from the veteran who was their sponsor. Please indicate your submission for these special scholarships in the comments section of the online application. 

Selection Criteria:

The scholarships are awarded based on written objective criteria to include military honors and awards, academic and scholastic honors and awards, civic, community, church, and college activities, professional memberships and activities, student potential for future achievement provided by the student's program director, and grade point average. In case of a school not using GPA, then the program director must provide enough information to estimate the GPA.

Military honors and awards - must coincide with the DD214 that you send.

Civic/Community/Church Activities - examples include volunteer in pre-PA student period, volunteer in your PA student period, church lay leader, lead creator of new program or service. You must put down the specific semester/quarter and year for each activity.

College Activities - examples include Deans List, Undergraduate Valedictorian, PA Class Officer, School Class Officer, Cum Laude or better. You must put down the specific semester/quarter and year you participated in these activities.

Professional Memberships - examples include AAPA member, AOR representative, HOD primary/alternate, state society member, state society student representative, uniform PA society member, and AMSUS member. Please state the years you are a member and if you held an office.

Application Process:

1. Electronic applications will be accepted starting October 1st of each year and received until 2400(EST) on March 1st of the following year cycle. (ex - Oct 2016 - Mar 2017). One submission is all that is required to be considered for all the scholarships you may be eligible for. An applicant will only be awarded one scholarship per cycle.

2. The application consists of the application along with a scanned most recent (latest) DD214, personal statement, a passport photo of the applicant and a recommendation letter from the student's Program Director.

     a. Application - the application provides personal information such as the student name and address, program director contact information, military awards and decorations, college activities, civic and community acitivities, and professional activities. It is imperative that the student provide as much detailed information to each section such as dates, time periods, and names.

     b. DD 214 - the DD 214 is the official documentation of discharge and MUST be attached to the application. The DD 214 is used to verify the individual, their status of their discharge, and the awards and decorations that the individual recieved. If the student is still in the Guard or Reserves, they must send a certification letter from their current commander to verify their status and military awards. Please note - if the DD 214 information does not match the application information, it cannot be used in the grading process. Please ensure that a minimum of name, current phone number and email address are added to the scanned DD214 that is submitted.

     c. Personal statement - the personal statement gives the student a chance to describe and explain their special circumstance as a PA student. This is where the student can explain in detail their story that led them to going to PA school, their background, present, and future intentions so that their application can be more complete for the grader. This is where the student can tell the Veterans Caucus why they deserve to receive a scholarship. Please include name, address, phone and email address to this statement.

     d. Program Director's Recommendation - this is the responsibility of the student to contact their program director for a recommendation that is sent electronically through the Veterans Caucus website. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the program director send a recommendation since this is one of the grading criteria.  

Instructions for completing the Scholarship Application:

1. Attach the DD-214 as a PDF (firstname.lastname.DD-214.pdf) to your online application.

2. Submit the rest of the online application with all attachments in the correct format. Suggestion - make a copy of your document before you hit the submit key.

3. Forward the link to the Director Recommendation form and request submission online by your Program Director. 

Special Note:

AGAIN, it is important that the student provides detailed information to insure that their application gives the scholarship committee a complete picture of their military, civilian, and academic history so it can be graded fairly and competitively. Also, there is no Veterans Caucus membership requirement.


Military Exchange Online (8/20/2016)

Military Times: Pentagon closer to extending generous new benefit to millions of veterans


Karen Jowers, Military Times    6:35 p.m. EDT August 15, 2016

Plans are progressing to extend online military exchange shopping privileges to all honorably discharged veterans, Military Times has learned.

The Defense Department’s Executive Resale Board voted unanimously Aug. 9 to recommend the policy change, sources said. Extended shopping privileges would apply only to the exchange system's online stores — not brick-and-mortar facilities located on military installations.

The Pentagon did not immediately confirm the board’s move, and it’s unclear what its next steps will be. Officials have said previously that they'd like to implement the expanded benefit on Veterans Day 2017.

Exchanges operate as discount department stores for the military community. Currently, access is authorized only for active-duty service members, reservists, National Guard personnel, retirees, veterans who are 100 percent disabled and immediate family members. Officials estimate that's about 10 percent of the nation's 21.7 million veterans.

If the plan proceeds, the Defense Manpower Data Center would be called on to verify veterans' status so they can shop at the exchange online.

The idea was proposed in May 2014 by Army and Air Force Exchange Service CEO Tom Shull, who touted it as a way to provide a modest benefit to veterans who didn’t serve long enough to retire from the military, including a number who have served multiple tours in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Navy Exchange Service Command CEO and retired Rear Adm. Robert Bianchi and Cindy Whitman Lacy, director of the Marine Corps Business and Support Services Division, have said they support the idea.

This would also benefit those currently serving, officials have said. Any increase in exchange profits would generate more money for the service's morale, welfare and recreation programs. According to one analysis, the exchanges could see an increase of $18 million to $72 million if online shopping is extended to all veterans.

Generally, about half of the exchanges' profits go to MWR dividends, and the rest goes to capital reinvestment in the exchanges, such as renovations and construction.



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