Veterans Caucus of the AAPA

2011-2012 Committee Chairs

Awards Committee
John Padgett, Chair
Elections Committee
John Padgett, Chair
Veterans Health Committee
Rock Munsee, Chair
Ethics Commitee & Grievance
Gino Gianola, Chair
Website/Communications Committee
Fred Brace, Chair
Memorial Day Committee
John Padgett, Chair      Mike Valdez, Co-Chair
Charity Committee
Bruce Cunnningham, Chair
Finance Committee
Mike Gallagher, Chair
Newsletter Committee
Blanca Tenhet, Production
Sharon Hanley, Asst Editor
Membership Committee
Mike Gallagher, Chair
Diversity Committee
Rock Munsee, Chair
Professional Wellness Committee
Bruce Cunningham, Chair
CME Committee
Mike Gallagher, Co-Chair
Sharon Hanley, Co-Chair
Policy and Procedure Manual Revision Committee
John Padgett, Chair
Scholarship Committee
Rock Munsee, Chair

Marketing Committee
Steve Lackie, Retail Chair
Gino Gianola, Professionalism Chair