Importance of Using ASA Format in Research Papers

10 months 2 weeks ago #27 by RickyAnderson
The American Sociological Association has conducted a citation style for the students to refer the first-hand source to use in the research papers and other documents. Every research paper consists of different information and reports which most of the time conducted by other people. This is why the American Sociological Association created the ASA reference format which is important to refer all the first-hand sources, of the information that you used in your research paper.

This has much importance. Not only showing that you have done great research in order to write your research paper, but also to show the authentic source information that you have used in your research paper. This is not the only importance of the ASA format that I have found in my educational career. Another important thing that the ASA format citation did to me is that it made me a better researcher.

Before the citation, I don’t use to consider the authenticity of the source of information before quoting it in my essay, dissertation, and a research paper. Now I not only research about my source but also compare the information with another source of my information. If the ASA format citation also has done anything important to you then comment below and let’s discuss it together.

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