Hot News - 2017 Memorial Ceremony

The Annual Memorial Ceremony will be held on Thusrday, May 18, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 5:30PM in the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Level 2, Ocenside Ballroom D. This event is being held during the national 2017 AAPA Conference in Las Vegas, NV. celebrating 37 years of the AAPA Veterans Caucus. This years theme will be “Deployments: Effects on Military Families.” Seating begins promptly at 3:45PM

The Memorial Reception will be held immediately following the ceremony in the back of the room. Plan to stay and enjoy refreshments and camaraderie. During the reception the Caucus we will have our annual auction to benefit the Caucus Scholarship Fund. Items up for grabs will be announced soon.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017, Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Level 2, Las Vegas, NV

Oceanside Ballroom D

“Deployments: Effects on Military Families”

1545:   Gathering Music

            Seating of Distinguished Guests

            Presentation of the Colors:  Federal Services Color Guard, T J Bonjour, PA-C, LtCol. USAF

            National Anthem:  Richie Vause PA-C, Capt. USPHS (Ret.) 

            Opening Prayer: Jerry Erickson PA-C, Past-President, FCPA 

            Welcome address and Presentation: Charles Haney PA-C, USA, President, AAPA Veterans Caucus

            Introduction of Keynote Speakers: Charles Haney, PA-C, USA, President, AAPA Veterans Caucus

            Keynote Speaker: Maria Cordova, Deployment: Effects on Military Families-a families journey during deployment, Mother, Army Wife, Navy Brat, Author

Keynote Speaker: Christopher Cordova, PA-C, Major, USA

“Stay the Course”, Composed and Performed by Rodney Richmond PA-C , Capt. NGB (Ret) with Betty Richmond

            Reading: “I’m Already There”: Rock Munsee PA-C, Maj., USAF ( Ret.), President-elect, Veterans Caucus

            “America’s White Table”, Michael Wolter, Maj., USAF Ret. Director-at-Large Veterans Caucus

            Roll Call: Fred Brace PA-C, Captain, USAF (Ret.), Secretary, AAPA Veterans Caucus

            Taps: Bugler (sound track)

            Scholarship Announcements:  Rodney Grogan PA-C, Major USAF (Ret), Director-at-Large,

AAPA Veterans Caucus 

            Presentation of Awards: Cheryl Gregorio, PA-C, Col., USAF (Ret.) President-Elect, AAPA Veterans Caucus

            Closing Remarks: Cheryl Gregorio PA-C, Col. USAF (Ret.) President-Elect,AAPA     Veterans Caucus

            Retiring of the Colors: Federal Services Color Guard, T J Bonjour PA-C, LtCol USAF

            Closing Song: “God Bless the USA”

               Everyone please join hands and sing along

Distinguished Guests and AAPA Veterans Caucus Board of Directors depart

The winning ticket for the free trip to Topics in the Tropics CME Conference in, Dreams, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic will be drawn during our social reception immediately following the ceremony.

Please plan to stay and enjoy some refreshments.